Biggest turnout ever

Within the first year of recruiting Yulu for media relations services, Vancouver Farmers Markets reached its highest season turn-out since the market was founded, which dated all the way back to 1995.


Vancouver Farmers Markets was approaching its 17th year of operations when it realized the markets? numbers were no longer increasing as they once did. It seemed VFM was having difficulty getting exposure in front of new audiences.



Yulu came on board with a mission to share VFM?s story, while increasing attendance to the various markets through Vancouver. Our approach was to not just share market news, but to dig deeper into the stories of the famers themselves. We contacted media to offer VFM farmers as thought leaders on healthy and local eating, local agriculture, BC food regulations, etc.



Just two months into recruiting Yulu?s media relations services, Vancouver Farmers Markets reached its highest attendance EVER for the launch of their summer farmers market at Trout Lake, which dates all the way back to 1995. Media clips in the first year of working with VFM surpassed 100 clips; we secured VFM front-page articles on The Vancouver and Metro; regular TV and radio spots; and a weekly column in the Vancouver Courier. Three years later, Yulu continues to share the stories of VFM?s farmers and venders.